Castings Defects Essay

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MANUFACTURING PROCESSES CASTING DEFECTS & REMEDIES INTRODUCTION: Metal casting is one of the direct methods of manufacturing the desired geometry of component. The method is also called as near net shape process. It is one of the primary processes for several years and one of important process even today in the 21st century. Out of the several steps involved in the casting process, moulding and melting processes are the most important stages. Improper control at these stages results in defective castings, which reduces the productivity of a foundry industry. Generally, foundry industry suffers from poor quality and productivity due to the large number of process parameters, combined with lower penetration of manufacturing automation and shortage of skilled workers compared to other industries. Also, Global buyers demand defect-free castings and strict delivery schedule, which foundries are finding it very difficult to meet. Casting process is also known as process of uncertainty. Even in a completely controlled process, defects in casting are found out which challenges explanation about the cause of casting defects. The complexity of the process is due to the involvement of the various disciplines of science and engineering with casting. The cause of defects is often a combination of several factors rather than a single one. When these various factors are combined, the root cause of a casting defect can actually become a mystery. It is important to correctly identify the defect symptoms prior to assigning the cause to the problem. False remedies not only fail to solve the problem, they can confuse the issues and make it more difficult to cure the defect. The defects need to be diagnosed correctly for appropriate remedial measures, otherwise new defects may be introduced. Unfortunately, this is not an easy

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