Cassia's Matched

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The book Matched was written by Ally Condie. This is an example of science fiction. This book is about a girl who lives someplace where the Society picks out everything that happens in their lives. The main characters are Cassia (the narrator), Xander (Cassia’s best friend and Match), and Ky (a friend from Cassia’s past. The setting takes place thousands of years in the future in a providence called Oria. The overall tone or mood of the story is romantic. The point of view from which the story is told is first person and Cassia tells the story. The theme of Matched is not to live by other people’s rule, but to just live your own life by your own guidelines. The conflict of my story is that Cassia’s Match is supposed to by Xander, at least that is who the Society has picked she will marry and start a family with, but Cassia thinks that she is falling in love with someone else. The main character in my book is Cassia. Cassia reminds me of myself in many ways. She has brown hair, green eyes, and is shorter than most people. She likes to be bold and stand out from everyone else, throughout the book; I found that Cassia has grown a lot as an independent person. In the beginning she follows the life plan that the Society has chosen…show more content…
For her exam, she has to sort people who work in the Nutrition Center and Ky is one of the workers. Ky’s performance falls directly in the middle of the performance range, which is something that Cassia has noticed he does often to blend in in other situations. She then realizes how smart Ky must be to be able to fall exactly in the middle for everything he does. An Official tells Cassia that the workers don’t live long, and applies that they poison their workers, just as they poisoned her Grandfather. Cassia trying to protect Ky sorts him as a high performer, hoping that that will give him a promotion and a longer
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