Cask of Amonitalldo

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A Rose For Emily V.s A Cask Of Amontialldo When it comes to Horror, death usually is a main theme. Many writers like to use characters that do not think normally. In "A Rose For Emily" and "A Cask Of Amontialldo" the main characters are both murderers with little or no remorse. Both share a horrific story of revenge. However, the authors use different writing styles that demonstrate the different outlook on the characters, thus creating the illusion that Poe's character in "A cask Of Amontialldo" is crazier then Faulkener's character in a "Rose For Emily." The characters take extreme measurements to protect their pride, even if it means murder. The authors both like to use a lot of foreshadowing throughout the story that lets the reader know death is coming. Faulkner uses a out of order timeline to tell his story, and Poe uses hints throughout his story. Faulkner has death in the readers mind by starting out with "When Miss Emily Grierson died, our whole town went to her funeral," (Faulkner) already giving the death theme before the reader knows anything. It hangs over the story the whole time. Because of Poe's writing style, Montressor is seen as a more unstable character than Emily. Throughout "The Cask Of Amontialldo," Montressor gives clues to his victim that he shall soon be punished. It shows that Montressor has put more thought into his murder, making it premeditated. "I shall Warner 2 not die of a cough.” “True – true, I replied.” (Poe) Montresor is always joking about death. And he makes it almost seem funny, until the end. Poe uses “dark” humor to lighten up the story. Making Montressor seem more psycho because he thinks killing someone is funny. Poe's first person point of view compares to Faulkner's point of view giving more insight into the mind of a Psychopath. “I continued, as was my wont, to smile in his face, and he did not
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