Casino Money Handling Processes

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Analyzing casino money handling processes Final Project Paper: Bus 566 –Operations and Supply Chain Management Abstract In all matters that involve handling large amounts of money, security is always a key concern from the receipt of money to its transportation, numerous security threats exist which might result in the disruption of normalcy, loss of assets and other administrative consequences. Casinos are common sites where the issue of maintaining high levels of security is taken very seriously. The security measures and processes adopted in most casinos seek to protect the proceeds in the establishment from conmen and thieves, protect the customers and reduce cases of violent crime and inappropriate/ unethical behavior. Typically, casinos handle relatively large quantities of cash and this often lures most of the customers and employees to commit crimes. Introduction The process of handling and transporting casino money is extremely delicate. Ensuring total security and integrity of the processes is highly important, especially to the administrators of the establishment. The two main processes in the handling of casino money: the drop process and the hard count process offer the best opportunities for security threats and reinforcement. The proper facilitation and implementation of these two processes determines the security of all the currencies collected in the casino, therefore, making them highly significant in realizing security while handling money in the casino. The implementation of these security measures and procedures is accompanied by significant adjustments and consequences for the security teams and the owners of casinos. Casinos having different designs and conditions for instance corporations and card rooms are besieged by constant security problems from both staff

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