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Forensic Science has become a popular profession due to show such as Crime Scene Investigation also known as CSI. Television shows like these give the general audience a glimpse of how science is used to solve crimes. And though some scenes are exaggerated and create what is known as “The CSI Effect”. The ability to solve a crime in hours or days has been exaggerated by the writers. The creators of show like these hire professionals to act as technical advisors and ensure the show is as realistic as possible. In this paper I will analyst an episode from the show CSI. The CSI episode I decided to analyst was “Assume Nothing” from Season 4 Episode 7. In this episode the writers added many twist to the story line. The episode started off by a couple who was visiting Las Vegas in search of some fun and games. The couple found themselves involved with another couple who also wanted to have fun and enjoy a night in Las Vegas. The episode proceeded with the Crime Scene Investigators being called out to the crime scene in which a women was found dead in a hotel room and her throat had been slit. The women had been identifies as a married women, her husband was yet to be found. As they the CSI team continued to investigate they were led to another crime scene outside of the hotel room, the victim’s husband was in a car dead and with his throat slit. The CSI team was confused because who they though was their suspect, was not only dead but they were left with many questions that were unanswered. As the show continued, the CSI team began to analyst the crime scene and question witnesses, but yet had no answers. As the investigation continued, the team was called to another crime scene in which another women was found dead in a motel room with the same laceration to the neck, she also happen to be a married women. As the team looked for her husband with no success, he was

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