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Cyp ore 3.3 3.1 Explain why it is important to ensure children and young people are protected from harm within the work settings. The importance of protecting children from harm within the work setting should be obvious. For a start, parents leave their children in our care and trust us to ensure that are safe and well cared for. Failing to do so is not only unprofessional, but a gross breach of professionalism. One step to ensure that children and young people are safe from harm is to ensure that every member of staff has undergone a Criminal Records Bureau check – from teachers and teaching assistants to cleaners and diner ladies. Everyone within the work setting has, theoretically, the opportunity to harm the children; therefore everyone needs to have undergone this check. The equipment the children or young people have access to should be age appropriate and tasks should be stimulating. This will ensure that every child or young person within the work setting has an enjoyable time. As explained by Meggitt (p124, 2011, Meggitt): “Practitioners need to actively promote the wellbeing of every child. This includes providing opportunities to play, communicate and socialise with each other in the setting.” Part of this responsibility is ensuring that no child is left behind. Some children may have development delays and need extra support, others may have additional learning needs; while others may be classed as ‘at risk’. These children and young people have an equal right to being protected from harm within their educational setting, and it is important for practitioners to keep on top of these things. 3.2 Explain policies and procedures that are in place to protect children and young people and adults who work with them. At work setting there should be policies that ensure that only suitable people work in their work pace, managers need to promote very clear

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