Casey, Oj and Trayvon

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O.J. Casey and Trayvon How Society Influences Criminal Justice Term Paper Amanda Kellams LET 5117 Captain Steven Baum May 30, 2012 Abstract This Essay deals with three high profile cases; the Fatal February shooting of Trayvon Martin a 17 year old African American male who was shot by 28-year-old George Zimmerman allegedly in self-defense. The 1995 death of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, and the 2008 death of Caylee Anthony whose mother Casey Anthony was accused of Her murder. Some facts have been released about these Cases and a majority of the public has strong opinions on The guilt and innocence of the parties involved but even More so opinions of the Criminal Justice system. This essay examines the conduct of Police and prosecutors involved based on articles circulating in the News and media. Also an exploration of how the public can influence the Decisions of criminal justice professionals. This is Not an argumentative essay containing Personal opinions on The case but an example of the conduct of police and Prosecutors and how Society and the media influence their Ability to Conduct their job with professionalism and Ethics. O.J. Casey and Trayvon A Criminal Justice Professional has a difficult job. Sometimes they literally hold the fate of another human Being in their hands. Every decision made has an impact On society, individuals, fellow criminal justice Professionals and sets precedent for future law and Situations. Ethically a CJ
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