Casey Anthony Outline

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Casey Anthony Outline I. Casey Anthony was a woman who was accused of killing her 2 year old daughter, Caylee Anthony. A. Mother Kills Daughter. B. Although there was tons of things to prove her guilty she was found not guilty. C. Casey Anthony had something to do with her daughter’s death but was still found not guilty. II. Casey Anthony became pregnant with her daughter Caylee after passing out at a party when she was 18 years old. III. Casey Anthony was accused of Killing her daughter 2 year old Caylee. IV. Casey claims her daughter went missing after dropping her off at the babysitters apartment Casey Anthony abandons her Pontiac Sunfire in a parking lot. It is towed away three days later. Casey's mother, Cindy Anthony, calls the police to arrest her daughter on suspicion of stealing the family car and money. She also tells them it smells like there has been a body in it. Casey is questioned. Tells police she has not seen caylee for more than 30 days. Casey Anthony is arrested on suspicion of child neglect, filing false official statements and obstructing a criminal investigation. Court sets a $500,000 bail. V. She is found not guilty VI. Casey Anthony is found not guilty and gets away with murder. But is serving time for check fraud and owes authorities money for costs of searching for her daughter. A. Mother kills daughter. B. Her car smells like a dead body in it, says she hasn’t seen her child for more than 30 days. C. 2 year old goes missing, found
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