Casey Anthony Case Study

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The State of Florida v. Casey Anthony Case entails the trial of Casey Anthony, a twenty-one year old woman charged with the murder of her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony and other charges. After an extended trial, Casey is acquitted of the murder charges but she is however convicted with four counts of giving law enforcement false information. She receives a four year prison term in a state jail for the four counts and fined a thousand dollars for each. She is however released after three years when two of the four counts are dropped (Baez, 2013). Facts about the Case Caylee was a two year old girl who lived with her mother Casey and her grandparents George and Cindy. Her father remains unknown to the public. On July 15, 2008, Cindy calls the police to request the arrest of Casey on suspicion of theft of their family car and money. She also reports that Caylee was missing for thirty-one days and that her daughter’s car smelled like there was a decomposing body in it. When questioned, Casey admits that Caylee was missing for more than thirty days. She is arrested the following day on suspicion of providing false information, child neglect and obstruction of a criminal investigation. Dirt, hair, stains and the scent are obtained from Casey’s car trunk by a local sheriff. Investigations show that the car once held a decomposing body and Casey is officially charged with child neglect on August 5. On September 3, preliminary test results by the Federal Bureau of Investigations reveal the presence of chloroform in the car. Casey is formally charged with capital murder and other charges on October 14. She pleads not guilty to the murder charges three days later while the jury drops the child neglect charges. A utility worker finds Caylee’s skeletal remains near the Anthony’s on December 11 and prosecutors announce that they would seek the death penalty in April

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