Casey Anthony Essay

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Casey Anthony June 16,2008 was the day a criminal case that everyone all over the world would watch. Caylee anothony, two years old, was reported missing by her grandmother. She lived with her grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony, and her mother, Casey Anthony. Caylee had been missing for a whole month before her mother told her parents about the disappearance and didn’t know where her little girl could be but that she was with a babysitter that Casey could not get in touch with. Little Caylees remains were eventually found in a wooded area in December near the family’s home wrapped in a blanket inside a trash bag. Throughout the investigation law enforcement officers and detectives were kept on their toes when trying to figure out what could have happened to little Caylee. Detective Yurl Melich from the orange county sheriffs department was the main detective throughout the case. Melich began to see holes in Casey Anthonys statement when she began lying to them about the nanny who had kidnapped caylee to where she worked at. On July 16,2008 Casey Anthony was arrested for the first time due to the fact that she had given a false statement s to law enforcement officers. Throughout the case different organizations tried to help search for Caylee but none of them found anything. Later in 2008, word was sent out for anyone with information on caylee’s whereabouts to call the tip line at the Orange county sheriffs office. Roy Kronk called in December of 2008 and told the tip line that he had found some bones in the woods wrapped in the blanket. When investigators arrived in the wooded area they found caylee’s bones scattered around the site and duct tape across her mouth and hanging from her hair. When the body went to the medical examiner, they declared that it was homicide but the cause of death was unknown. Even though finding the body began a long two year

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