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Country Analysis-China Introduction China is an emerging economy offering numerous types of business opportunities for companies, planning to extend their business operations. Despite the huge potential in the context of economic growth that provides access to a larger market and significant savings in the labour cost, analysis needs to be done before stepping into the Chinese business environment. This is because of the differences in political and cultural environment that poses risk for foreign investors in China. In the current global business environment, China’s emergence as a force in the global economy has a significant impact on business practices. It greatly impacts on the trade balance and capital flows of several developed economies. Further, it enables different foreign business executives, corporate leaders and business associations to gain informal access to many policy processes. The Local Business Environment of China Business environment refers to all the external and internal factors that play a major role in the development and smooth functioning of a business. China is one of the largest markets in the world as the main aim of Chinese market is to serve all the classes of customers with its products and services. The commodities and services of the Chinese market are very economic and affordable to all kinds of customers as China is the biggest manufacturer of the world. Crucial and effective planning is one of the major strategies of the China market and China believes in the open market strategy where suggestions and technological enhancements are always welcomed for the betterment of the market. Market forces play a dominant role in the Chinese market to encourage business activities which mainly lay emphasis on the modern technology and environment protection (Jiang, 2006). In addition to this, the Chinese government has issued

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