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Select either case mini‐case: Alaska Fly‐Fishing Expedition or XSU Spring Concert. You are required to identify the potential risks associated with the selected project (try to come with at least five different risks), perform a risk assessment to analyze the identified risks (use a method of your choice between risk mapping and FMEA, or both), and develop a risk response matrix that outlines how to deal with each risk, your contingency plan, the trigger event, and who will be responsible (similar to the example included in the instructor’s lecture notes). You write‐up must be typed and limited to a maximum of 5 pages (including the cover page, 1.5 line spacing, 12 points, times new roman). Please clearly discuss the rationale of your choices and the methodology used to come to your final choices. Alaska Fly‐Fishing Expedition You are sitting around the fire at a lodge in Dillingham, Alaska, discussing a fishing expedition you are planning with yourcolleagues at Great Alaska Adventures (GAA). Earlier in the day you received a fax from the president of BlueNote, Inc.The president wants to reward her top management team by taking them on an all‐expense‐paid fly‐fishing adventure in Alaska. She would like GAA to organize and lead the expedition. You have just finished a preliminary scope statement for the project (see below). You are now brainstorming potential risks associated with the project. 1. Brainstorm potential risks associated with this project. Try to come up with at least five different risks. 2. Perform a risk assessment to analyze identified risks. 3. Develop a risk response matrix to outline how you would deal with each of the risks. PROJECT OBJECTIVE To organize and lead a five‐day fly‐fishing expedition down the Tikchik River system in Alaska from June 21 to 25 at a cost not to exceed $27,000. DELIVERABLES • Provide air transportation from

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