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Description of Witness Detective Constable Fantasia is employed by the Yourtown Police Service and has been for the past twelve years. For the first seven years of this time, s/he has been involved in general policing duties. Five years ago, s/he was assigned to the Yourtown Police Drug Squad and has often worked as an undercover officer purchasing illicit drugs. Officer Fantasia has cultivated a series of contacts in the drug underworld who have at times provided information to him/her regarding drug trafficker Fantasia has been suspected of improper conduct in the past and unsubstantiated rumours abound. What has been established is that on one occasion, s/he could not account for missing police buy money issued to him/her. S/he was reprimanded by a superior officer for this. It has been twice alleged that Fantasia beat a suspect in order to obtain a confession. Criminal charges were laid on one occasion, but were withdrawn when the alleged victim did not come to court. Fantasia was suspended with pay while the allegations were investigated. Statement of the Witness On June 12, 2009, I was performing policing duties in an undercover capacity. My assignment was to attend at Charles F. Kane Park in order to make opportunity drug purchases. This area of Yourtown has become well known for drug and other illicit activity. I commenced this assignment at 22:00 hours. At approximately 23:30 I saw one Fredi Friedbrain, who was known to me to be a federally paroled inmate. I had previous contact with Friedbrain and believed that s/he may be violating the terms of his/her parole by being in such an area, or associating with persons who had criminal records or may have been committing a drug related or other offence. As well, Friedbrain knew me and if I was recognized my ability to make undercover drug purchases would have been compromised. Further, my safety may have

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