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The defendant was a 21 year old man, the plaintiff a 16 year old woman. In 1990, they met at a snooker club and became friends. In August 1991, the defendant was undergoing pschotherapy following suicide attempts. For a short period the plaintiff and defendant worked together on a surveying project. Afterwards, their friendship broke down and the plaintiff told the defendant she did not wish to see him again. In late 1991 and early 1992, the plaintiff complained that the defendant had assaulted her, threatened her with violence, behaved aggressively when he saw her and followed her around shouting abuse. He pestered her with telephone calls to her parents' home and at her grandmother's to such an extent that the telephone number had to be changed. In January 1992, he stole her handbag from the snooker club and told her he would keep it as a memento of her. As a result, in March 1992 he was arrested, charged and given a 12 month conditional discharge. He made further threats to the plaintiff and in May 1992 was sent to prison for threatening to kill her. He was also fined for offences under the Telecommunications Act 1984 in respect of his telephone calls. The plaintiff maintained that the aggressive behaviour, pestering and harassment continued, including the persistent telephone calls against herself, her mother, her boyfriend and his mother. On May 19, 1992, the plaintiff was granted an interim injunction restraining the defendant from molesting harassing or otherwise interfering with her and from entering or coming within 200 years of her parents' home or any other address at which she may reside. On July 10, 1992, the plaintiff applied for the defendant's committal for breach of the injunction. Instead, the judge varied the original order to forbid the defendant from using violence to, harassing, pestering or communicating with the plaintiff in any

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