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case write up format Essay

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APA or MLA formatting. Papers are to have 10 pages minimum of main subject text, double-spaced, 12 Font, excluding the title page, References, Appendices, etc. Hard copies of your Case Analysis to be handed in by the deadline. Papers forwarded to the instructor after the deadline will lose 8 points. Papers less than 10 full pages will lose 5 points. Papers that do not follow this exact format will lose 5 points. All other papers will receive full credit. Use the following case analysis format EXACTLY as follows:
I. Executive Summary
One or two brief paragraphs just to briefly introduce the analysis topic.
II. Key Problems and/or Issues
List from the Case some significant problems and/or issues related to the course topics and readings. Simply list these here without much elaboration (leave that to part III below).
III. Analysis and Evaluation
Evaluate the problems/issues and support this evaluation with some facts. If you add exhibits or documentation, reference and discuss them – do not just tack them onto the paper. Relate your analysis to the text material and other references, and cite all references. Supplement with online sources and/or current magazines or newspapers. This section should form the bulk of the paper.
IV. Recommendations & Plan of Action
Do not attempt to find the perfect solution. Just try to find a workable solution. Choose a few alternative recommendations and then pick a strategic plan of action after weighing some pros and cons of each. Try to be specific and not too general with your recommendations. Once you have decided on a plan of action, specifically state what should be done, who should do it, and when it should be done, etc.

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