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Case synopsis Dr Laura Dresding, a clinician, founded this company in 1991. It supplied cardiovascular and heart-function monitoring devices, manufactured in the south of England. One of the company’s earliest decisions was to remain highly vertically integrated. In 1995, the company bought a Danish medical equipment company that produced neurological stimulators. Dresding was also offered technology consultancy as well as taking on some development work for other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). In 1997, it spun off this activity and formed a separate tech-nology solutions division to develop new, in-house products and licence the technology solutions to other OEMs. It also developed the Insight monitoring system that allowed central-ized patient monitoring and surveillance. In 2002, the company took control of Ryder Wilson, a US manufacturer of monitoring systems that also had a clinical management activity. This allowed the company to shift its focus from being a product innovator to being a systems innovator. Most recently, growth has come from the company’s service and management division because hospitals and clinics are increasingly outsourcing some of their activities This case is primarily intended to demonstrate the dynamics of how strategies can develop over time into businesses, especially in companies that are growing and taking opportunities offered by changes in their market. Because of the emphasis on changes in strategy over time, the case is essentially a chronology of significant events over a 13-year period. Therefore, it is important to make sure that all the students understand the significant events in the company’s develop-ment over time. This is why the first question addresses this issue directly. Question 1 – What are the significant strategic events in the history of the company from its foundation to the present day? The

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