Case Study Winterbourne

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The Winterbourne scandal. On May 31st 2011, the BBC television programme Panorama; aired footage which was collected by an undercover investigator. Panorama became involved after an ex-employee of the hospital contacted them with grave concerns regarding the abuse that had been taking place in the care home for a prolonged period of time. The employee had followed the companies whistle blowing procedure but it had fallen upon deaf ears as no actions were ever taken against the people who were responsible for this appalling abuse. Winterbourne View hospital was a private hospital. It was owned by Castlebeck Care Limited. The 24 bed hospital was registered to provide assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. Service users came to Winterbourne when they had been sectioned under the mental health act because they were in some form of crisis. Service users came from all over the country – this shows evidence that there is a shortfall of services of this kind for those with learning disabilities. The abuse that took place at Winterbourne View was criminal. The staff whose jobs were to care and support service users were shown to be abusing them. The undercover footage showed care staff repeatedly punching, slapping and kicking service users. The overuse of physical intervention was cruel and inappropriate with some service users being restraining under chairs. Staff gave one service user cold showers as a punishment then left her outside in near zero winter temperatures. Another service user had mouthwash poured into his eyes. Care staff were seen to be pulling service users hair and forcing medication into their mouths. Service users were shown screaming, crying, shaking, and visibly distressed by the cruel torture they were subjected to. One member of care staff repeatedly poked a service user in the
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