Case Study: Week 6

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Case Study: Week 6 Rose and Jason is a couple with a previous divorce. They both have 2 children. Rose has 2 girls, Christine at 8 years old and Meagan at 5 years old. Jason has 2 boys, Joey at 16 years old and Alex at 14 years old. Rose and Jason are planning to get married but want their kids to be comfortable with each other. They made family days with both children and they are getting along so far. Rose and Jason want to make this more official and it is going to take some time but I am here to help them. Rose as a mom needs to have some time with Jason’s kids alone. This way she could get to know his children. She will need to explain to them that she won’t replace their mother, but she could offer help a mother would give. As for her kids, she needs to explain to them that the relationship with Jason’s kids is going to be tough but in time they will learn how to take care of each other. They can ask for help when they need it. The most important thing Rose needs to do, is work Jason so their kids can get along. Just like Rose, Jason would also need to take some time and spend time with Rose’s kids. Like Rose, Jason would need to explain that he will not replace their father, but would be there for them for support. Jason says he knows how to parent his boys, but I think this is not best idea. He should work together with Rose to parent both their kids. Having one parent saying they know how to parent their kids will only cause problems between both parents. Another thing Rose and Jason would need to think about is a house. Since the family is going to grow, they would need to find a house where everyone can be confortable. Joey and Alex are not going to like to share a room with Christine and Meagan. They would need their own room where both Joey and Alex can share and a room where Christine and Meagan can share. Now on with the kids, from what I

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