Case Study Using Transactional Analysis

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| 2012 | | | Case study – berne institute diploma | Caroline Le Sueur April 2012 | IntroductionThis case study is about Megan, a 26 year old, white, married, graduate with no children, who works full time in social care. I have been working with Megan for 14 months. Megan wanted to address her relationship with her parents and feelings of loneliness and isolation. The focus of this case study is confusion as a defence and how it was manifested and resolved in the therapeutic relationship. I work in private practice, with adult clients presenting with a wide range of difficulties. The majority of my work is long term. Megan was a private referral and made initial contact by email having found my details on line | Presenting problem In her initial email Megan gave a lot of detail of the issues she wished to tackle in therapy, which to summarise were as follows, * That she wanted to understand her relationship, her feelings of anger and sadness towards her dad and to decide if she wanted to maintain contact with him. * That she often felt lonely and had difficulty in making and maintaining friendships and feeling that she ‘fitted in’. * Understanding her anger and resentment towards the church she had decided to leave a year earlier when she was no longer a Christian. * She also explained that she undertaken some TA training and had seen a TA therapist for a short while both of which she had enjoyed.Her email was in bullet form and she appeared to have put a lot of thought in to what was troubling her and how to present this information. I thought I detected Be Perfect, Try Hard and Please Others drivers. I was aware of feeling anxious and a pull to get my reply right and of her as fragile and needing protection. I reflected on how I had been stimulated by this initial contact and wondered about the level of anxiety her Child

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