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Case Study Indian female, aged 34 years old Married to a busy business man who travels extensively due to work Has to take care of fussy father-in-law who is 94 years old. New Philippino maid – not well versed in cooking One son – 4 years old Was working as a senior editor in a high tech journal. Stopped working to take care of father in law. Came to counselling for repeated headaches and body pain. Referred by general practitioner. Masters in Journalism and Creative Writing Married for 5 years Worked for 7 years and worked her way up the career ladder to become chief editor Permanent resident with no social support – resources – out of touch with her friends from similar working background She worked part time thru her pregnancy,…show more content…
Assessment of the presenting problem, its degree of severity, discovering undeveloped opportunities and resources and developing clarity in what the client is undergoing and where the issue lies are explored by both the client and the counsellor in a collaborative approach. This stage is therefore designed to help clients spell their story with coherence to their present issues, concerns, reframe their story to identify latent problems, construct new perspectives to the issues, clarify with more details, uncover unused resources and opportunities and to identify the most pressing problem that needs to be resolved. Aiding clients to unburden their problems by building rapport and establishing a safe atmosphere to engage and commit to a purposeful dialogue is imperative to the entire helping process that is to follow. It is also important to keep in mind that the counsellor is always a facilitator and a collaborator throughout the process and the ideal client takes on an active role to participate and own responsibility to work through their problems with the encouragement, support and guidance of the…show more content…
Geeta* reported having frequent headaches and body pain. She was referred for counselling by a family practitioner who found no physical causes for her somatic complaints. Geeta appeared anxious yet hesitant to talk of her concerns and introduced herself as a homemaker and the caregiver for her father-in-law with no major misgivings in her life. The collaborative nature of the helping process was explained to her deliberating on the facilitative nature of therapeutic work. The counsellor would extend all help and support towards building a meaningful helping relationship through which she can explore her current problems in an unbiased and confidential environment with no prejudice. It was stressed that she as the client would lead and choose to work on her chosen goals and problems that would enable her to live her life in a more meaningful manner. The limits to confidentiality were also explained and some background information was sought as a starting point of

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