Case Study Topamax And Mary's Headache

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Here is what I had said for the Topamax and Mary’s headache 7. The Topamax is causing the acid-base disturbance and her respiratory system is attempting to compensate through hyperventilation to decrease H+ and bring her pH up. The H+ however is increasing because the Topamax is causing the renal carbonic anhydrase to redirect HCO3- out of the body and retain H+. 8. B: Ingestion of an acidifying drug in this case is to blame. With the introduction of Topamax to Mary’s system, the Topamax begins to inhibit her renal carbonic anhydrase causing metabolic acidosis. 9. B: IV of HCO3- in isotonic solution is the best option and my recommendation. Even with the carbonic anhydrase being inhibited and causing metabolic acidosis, direct injection
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