Case Study: That Way Lies Madness

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Hadassah Moore June 17, 2014 ACC/556 Jessica Wilder | FORENSIC INVESTIGATIVE REPORT | |Department of Justice | |Student Name: Hadassah Moore | |SECTION 1: CASE INFORMATION | |1. CASE NAME: That Way Lies Madness |2. DATE: June 17, 2014…show more content…
LIST THE PRINCIPLE FRAUDSTERS AND ACCOMPLICES. Eddie Antar, Mitchell Antar, |9. LIST ALL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES INVOLVED. SEC, FBI, Postal | |Allen Antar, Sam Antar |Inspection Service, U.S. Attorney/U.S. Department of Justice | |10. BRIEFLY DESCRIBE IN 2 OR 3 SENTENCES WHAT THIS CASE IS ABOUT. Eddie Antar utilized multiple financial fraud schemes to steal millions of | |dollars from his company, Crazy Eddie. He and his family profited from his fraudulent activity for 18 years. | | | | | |SECTION 2: CASE SUMMARY

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