Case Study “Should Businesses Move to Cloud Computing”

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Case Study 2 Apple, Google, and Microsoft Battle for Your Internet Experience These mobile internet devices are growing. Anybody, who owns a smart phone and/or a tablet with internet connectivity, they can now be connecting to the world 24/7. Whether it is to listen to music or watch TV. Now the big technology companies are battling over customers business. The case is all about the fight between the three internet giants Google, Apple and Microsoft. They are in huge business battle to gain your internet business. They all want the public to use their search engineer, to find all their information, games, music and video clips. They also want you to use their mobile or computer device to use their software. Apple, Google, and Microsoft already compete in an assortment of fields. Google biggest market is in advertising, because they dominant in the internet search engine market. Microsoft’s does have the search engine Bing, it polarity is growing but, Google still dominates that market. The biggest leader in mobile software application market is no surprise, it is Apple. The popularity they have with the iPhones and fanatic their marketing of their App Stores, so customers can buy and play with all their products. Google and Microsoft do not even come close with the software application they are offerings on the Web. PC operating system and desktop productivity software is what Microsoft still the leader is in. They have not been able to crack the market with their smart phones or mobile computing. The competition started when Google and Apple joined forces to prevent Microsoft’s from have a successful mobile market. Google develop Android OS to compete with Apples iPhones. This increased the competition between the two. Google marketing plan has been much more aggressive. They create products geared for the future, have they apps perform better that

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