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Shalanda Tudor Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare Professor Reddings 12/05/2011 CASE JOURNAL 6 and 7 Shavorda Baskerville has been working with the boys and girls club of Newark for approximately eight years. She’s currently the clubhouse director of the boys and girls club of Newark. Miss Baskerville role and responsibilities are to oversee the work of the staff and facility as a whole. She described her experience as being one of a kind, since she's very passionate about the well being of children and seeing them succeed means more to her than anything. Patrick Dunn started as a volunteer from Montclair state University working at the boys and the girls club of Newark in spring of 2011. Because of his love for the boys and girls club he continues his volunteer work until he was officially hired to be a part of the team at the boys and girls of Newark in March of 2011. He teaches the younger children the basics of computers, Microsoft word etc, while the teens are taught graphics designs, using words etc, all for the purpose of improving…show more content…
They also work together with the local community to seek help for example; flyers are created and made available at the boys and girls club of Newark for parents, friends, guardians who are also willing to contribute supplies to the agency. Charitable contributions are also welcome and make it possible for the boys and girls club to not run out of supply. The boys and girls club of Newark strive to provide opportunities that would provide opportunities for the units to empower each children to excel and succeed by having the necessary resources available to them. Therefore the club seeks donations from different sponsors such as “Bank of America, United Way, and Prudential Finance etc” doing whatever it takes to help children succeed and be positive

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