Case Study: Salary Inequities At Acme Manufacturing

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Case Study: Salary Inequities at Acme Manufacturing Student Name Module University Name Case Study: Salary Inequities at Acme Manufacturing Joe Black, the new president of Acme Manufacturing, is facing a dilemma of sorts. His predecessor operated on a pay structure that showed inequalities in the pay of salaried employees. These inequalities are based along gender lines and have the potential to get Acme Manufacturing in trouble with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Additionally, the underpaid staffers may also ask for back pay if they happen to understand the full implications of the pay inequalities. Armed with a set of job descriptions which are considered accurate and current, he has to make a decision and follow one of four options. The four choices he is considering are: 1. To do nothing 2. To increase the female supervisors’ pay gradually 3. To effect an immediate increase in their salaries 4. To jointly decide the next step of action with the three affected female supervisors What I Would Do in Mr. Black’s Position…show more content…
First, the underpaid female supervisors have never made any complaints about their pay. While this does not remove responsibility from the company, it does give Mr. Black some leeway on how to proceed. The new president should also take steps not to antagonize or alienate the male supervisors. Another factor to consider is that the H.R Director is of the opinion that the concerned female supervisors receive lower pay due to the fact that they supervise lower-skilled employees compared to their male counterparts in other

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