Case Study Romantic Relationship

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Elmer and Mary To begin at the moment they met is not necessary, as it was a typical trip to the grocery store for both of them, but what followed changed both of their lives for the better. Elmer asked Mary if she wanted to have dinner, she said yes and they have not been apart since. Mary came to the office first for counseling, as she could not understand the changes that Elmer was going through and she was afraid of losing him. Elmer has joined after three sessions and is willing to attend couples counseling. Counselor: Elmer, why do you think that Mary wants you to attend counseling with her? Elmer: I think she does not understand the changes that I have been going through and it is scaring her. Counselor: Elmer what changes do you feel that Mary is concerned about? Elmer: For the first time in my life, I feel free, and I want to try everything! Mary, you know that I had a boring life before we got together and you have opened my eyes to so many things that I never knew existed. Mary: I love that you feel free and that you are open to try new things, I am just worried that you are going too far. Counselor: Elmer, do you know what event Mary feels may be too much? Elmer: I do not know if it was the first thing that upset her, but after our little disagreement a few weeks ago at the resort is when she started seeing you. Counselor: Mary, is that the first event that upset you? Mary: I do not know, I told you there is a 20-year age difference between us and that I always loved that he was secure in his career as an attorney and made good money. At first, I wanted to be supportive of the changes we were bringing to each other, but I am afraid of each of us changing into the other person. Elmer: Ok, I do not understand why you think we would change into the other person. Counselor: Mary, what was Elmer like when you met, and what do you see him as

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