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The RH debate has become one of the bitterest controversies of our time. Major television networks have aired confrontational public debates. Some social institutions including churches and universities have been altogether compelled to intervene, take a stand, and articulate official and unofficial statements on an issue that has acquired genuinely national significance. Many anti RH Bill was gathered through social media like facebook and twitter. One of those is the “Anti RH Bill Camp”. Moreover there was also debate between the Church and the Government. It is said here that this bill will require the government to fund the devices such as pills and IUD's and other contraceptives that will be used in controlling the population. We all know that poverty is visible to big families, especially to the poor people who have nothing to do with their lives. The government doesn't want this to happen anymore. That's why they are pushing this but, the Catholic Bishop's Council of the Philippines is not agreeing with this. They said that through this RH Bill many human beings will be killed and there will be abortion, more adultery, female impoverishment and the like. This Bill is the top headlines in the news before this bill becomes a law. And by enacting this bill, we are abiding the law of God. Despite of those controversies that was happened, Senate Bill No. 2865 and House Bill No. 4244 was finally passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives on December 19, 2012. And was approved by President Benigno S. Aquino III. They fight this to aim the comon goal which is to reduce poverty here in our country. Both the national and local government will shoulder responsibility in implementing the said law which will also provide “age and development appropriate reproductive health education” to public school students aged between 10 and 19. And lastly, they hope

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