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Relevance of bureaucracy for modern society The case “How Kristin died” is an important case for the study of public administration and organizational theory too because organizational theory is also about the relationships between organizations and how they communicate and interact with each other. And in this case that could be the major problem that caused the murder of Kristin Lardner. The case study reveals the major malfunctions of the bureaucratic system which may lead to tragic events, like the murder of one innocent young girl. It also reveals the problems about the organizational design and the difficulties that may arise when we are dealing with the bureaucratic system. Because the system failed Kristin, her father started after her murder to search and investigate Cartier’s past because at the time the justice was unable to communicate within its institutions and had as a consequence a tragic event that could have been avoided. I believe that what caused the breakdown of the system can be described in three words: inefficiency, negligence and passivity. Not only the authorities but also, all the people involved in this case didn’t treat the events at their true value. Cartier had a criminal record and was accused multiple times of beating up ex-girlfriends even if he was on probation, killing cats, breakings and more other. But the authorities dropped the more serious charges and Cartier never spent the necessary time in prison for all his actions. He was a good manipulator and even when he was in jail he was released earlier for good behavior. In another different situation, instead of sending him to prison for violating probation, he was sent to attend a once-a-week class at the courthouse for six weeks called “Alternative to Violence” because the authorities treated again superficially the case. Of course, he left the courses right after

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