Case Study Reflection

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Ethical Case Study Reflection

Sherry Turley

NURS 3010: Introduction to Higher Education in Nursing
Janice Beeken
October 30, 2012
Ethical Case Study Reflection
The ethical case study involving Mary, John and their ill child is a powerful example of how ethical issues can complicate patient care and effect patient outcomes. Cultural, legal, and ethical issues occur in all healthcare settings. I felt particularly impacted by this case study as I am relatively new to the emergency room and to date have not encountered an ethical dilemma of this magnitude. As a nurse, I care for patients from all walks of life. Many of whom have beliefs that differ and may even conflict with my own. I must strive to give culturally competent care that is consistent with the American Nurse’s Association. Each situation as with this case study must guarantee that the patient has had their basic human rights met. This case study was an excellent tool to help me reflect upon these differences and how we must overcome them to give a standard of nursing care that is not compromised by the barriers of contrasting cultural and ethical beliefs. We must also be aware of the legal implications of our care and be prepared to justify our actions if necessary.
Husted and Husted (2005) defines ethics as the branch of philosophy that is concerned with right and wrong – the determination of what actions ought to be taken, and what changes ought to be brought about in common and uncommon situations. In this case study there was cultural, ethical and legal issues that made the care of patient and family quite challenging.

The cultural considerations for this case was their strong conflicting religious beliefs. Both

Mary and John were in deep conflict. Being raised differently with either religion or a medical care

model as their

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