Case Study Planning, Organization, Leading and Control

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Introduction Carl Thomas one of the owners of Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park called in consultant Kevin Johnson to create a management plan that would bring some structure back to his business. Outdoor Adventure is experiencing some issues with scheduling, staffing, training, and overall the customer service that is being provided. Carl is worried that due to several displeased customers and the current issues within the park, competitors who are located 30-45mins away will begin to attract more of his customer base. Consultant Kevin Johnson will create a plan that will help address the issues that are currently affecting the business; this includes performing a SWOT analysis, create a vision and mission statement for the company, implement a new training program, develop job titles and responsibilities for employees and create a balanced scorecard that will help Outdoor Adventure align its business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization. Summary Outdoors Adventure Paintball Park was started by Carl Thomas who had worked for an outdoor sporting goods store for the past 7 years, Carl’s uncle John who was a retired PE teacher and sports coach, and Carl’s brother Joe who was a part time athletic trainer. Carl always wanted to open his own business, he had even taken some management courses at the local community college. Uncle Joe wanted to fulfill his dream of having an outdoor adventure business and realized that Carl and he could start the business using the 5 acres of land that he had inherited. The two decided to go into business together and decided to bring on Carl’s brother Joe in as the third owner in the business, the three combined their savings and started Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park. Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park is currently staffed with 20 employees 3 being the owners and 17 being employees hired to help with the

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