Case Study: Palo Verde Hematology Oncology

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Palo Verde Hematology Oncology Bonnie Dominguez Devry University HIT 120 Palo Verde Hematology Oncology LTD., also known as Palo Verde Cancer Specialists (PVCS) is one of the largest cancer practices in the state of Arizona. Their main clinic location and administrative office is located in Glendale, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix; however, there are several locations throughout the entire state, for a grand total of 7 office locations. The various locations offer services to many different ethnic groups and vary in size, due to the demand of services from patients. Services offered by PVCS range anywhere from hospital consultations to PET Scans, chemotherapy treatment and chemotherapy maintenance. It is owned and operated by a board of working…show more content…
PulsePro is owned and maintained by Pulse Electronic HealthCare Management. This is the system in which all charges, payments and accounting is done. Although its main purpose is billing all staff members within the practice use this as their initial source of patient information. When a patient contacts PVCS for an appointment with one of the many physicians, they are in contact with a new patient scheduler, who at that time will register the patient into the system, obtain all of their personal information and add insurance information. From there, other staff members will either obtain a referral for a primary care physician or authorization for services depending on what the patient’s insurance benefits require. Within the patient demographics area the referring physician’s information is loaded and any authorization numbers are added for future…show more content…
Maintain patient schedules, post physician charges and submit claims to insurance, tracking payments as they are posted. This system is also extremely user friendly, based off an excel spread sheet it is easy to sort charges, payment, write-offs and claims submission information. The system is housed on a server at an outside telecommunications center, which high security clearance is required for admittance. Our IT staff members are the only members of PVCS allowed to enter and complete daily backups. Because of the amount of staff using the system on a daily basis it tends to run slower, especially when claims are processing at the end of the day or when cash is being moved from “for deposit” to

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