Case Study on Luis Suarez Scandal

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Case study essay Before I begin to further investigate my case study, I feel that I should first adequately describe the basis of my presentation and the communicative processes used in covering such a significant topic as the ‘Suarez scandal’. I was set the task of analyzing a recent topic which best showed the process’s used by media outlets whilst covering popular topics. The recent “Race” scandal between ‘Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra’ was the topic I decided would be used in my case study, as I felt this was an important example of a recent story due to its importance to sports journalism, it had both political and cultural “ramifications” which were not normally associated with both the world of sport and the writers who specialised in that field due to their cultural significance. The story itself showed many different examples of both mainstream and new media being used in the presentation of the story as well as being used to keep updated, and interacting with debates through twitter, sports blogs etc. My presentation was mainly focused towards the media forms which where used to cover the story; but I was also interested in the use of PR and the creation of players as ‘brands’ with the capacity for generating millions through public image. I also analyzed the methods of PR used in the story itself, as I wanted to establish that both parties involved used PR in their presentation of the story with specific emphasis on the influence it had on public knowledge. The incident itself is centred around the Premier League clash between Liverpool and Manchester United at ‘Anfield’ on 15 October, during which Evra claimed Suarez racially abused him using the word “Negro at least 10 times”. The Role of PR companies is to act as an intermediary between an organisation and its public. In the world of sports it’s between Players & Teams and their fan base. Their

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