Case Study on Gay Discrimination

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A CASE STUDY ON GAY DISCRIMINATION A Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement in Thed04 Christian Morality Presented by: Kim D. Abajon April Sandy N. Japzon Ariel Kyle S. Sy Marist Erlyn Lugo Presented to: Professor Noel Santander March 16, 2009 I. Introduction As we all know, during the earlier years of our civilization, men and women are strictly not allowed to become gays and lesbians. Some you may have heard had been banned or even thrown-out of their village. Some were even battered by their own parents. And much worst, some were even burned. As we age and our world is slowly developing into the more futuristic world, does the third-sex (gays in particular) have a place in it? Yes we all know that gays are already abundant in many places. Wherever you go, there is no doubt that there are some gays there too. Though countries develop, does our morality and beliefs develop too? There are no laws to protect them, but the government has intensive works that there are no discriminations in terms of work, but how about in the private sectors? We were often told that gays are of the “lower class” and that the church prohibits it. But if you were in the one’s shoes, would you rather hide what you truly feel, or just let go and be happy? Some might find this modern time to be totally different. And that such things are not permanent, but one thing’s for sure- that gays are here to stay. II. Moral Issue a. Moral Act Although for some places, gays are widely accepted, we can’t hide the fact that there are still places wherein gays are discriminated. Gays had been with us since no one can even remember, but up to this moment, they are still not accepted in our society. Is it because of the narrowness of the minds of people to accept such, or is it because that gays are not allowed according to the bible? We don’t know. But discrimination
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