Case Study on Asthama

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PROJECT PROPOSAL ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Umme Hajira MA121230 3rd PyEC ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Name of the organisation: Aasra! ! ! Name of the project: ! Funding period: ! Rehabilitation, home care and education for street children! in Bangalore! 3 years! ! Location: Bangalore, Karnataka! ! Duration: 3 years! ! Month of initiation: August 2015! ! Grant requested: 12 crores ! ! ! ! ! Executive summary:! ! Target Group: beggars, migrators, destitues, rag pickers, child labourers, orphans, drugged and trafficked, coolies, performers, deserted. ! Aasra is a Bangalore based non-governmental organisation that works for the rescue, empowerment and rehabilitation of street children who have dealt with exploitation, drug addiction, survival and financial problems in various forms. We focus on an all round development by providing them with nutritious meals and a homely environment with necessary facilities. like health care, dormitories and entertainment. Partnerships with social working schools has also enabled us to provide these children with education. These schools take special interests in their talents. At present, we have a home care institute catering to the needs of street children in North Bangalore. We seek funding for the expansion of the institute so as to include more children and staff. ! Vision We, at Aasra envision a happy future for children who have not seen the light of day for most part of their lives. ! Our Motivation ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The lack of awareness of the problems of children on the street and a lack of interest in catering to their needs. Understanding the problem ! ! They are knocking your window for a penny at least, they are selling roses at signals, they are cleaning toilets and selling tea, they are lying in street corners hoping for passers-by to throw leftovers. They are street children. We can find

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