Case Study Of Ellen Zane: Leading Change At Tufts/NEMC

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Ellen Zane – Leading Change at Tufts/NEMC Felicia Martin Danita Hunter, Professor HSA 599: Health Services Administration July 29, 2012 Abstract This paper describes the health care environment in Massachusetts. It also describes what was happening within Tufts/NEMC in the 1990’s and what was wrong with Tufts/NEMC by 2002 and 2003. Finally it describes four actions Zane took in her first six months. Great leaders exist in many organizations and they exhibit unique leadership styles that enable them to be effective within their respective organization. Ellen Zane – Leading Change at Tufts/NEMC Introduction Massachusetts is known for health care,…show more content…
Tufts-NEMC continued to produce strong programs in cancer treatment, transplant, and neurosurgery. In 1992, with the addition of a maternity service, Tufts-NEMC became the first full service, private teaching hospital in Boston (Swayne, et al, 2009). By 1996, it was $240 million in debt (up from $130 million in 1990) and was losing physicians market share, and hospital acquisitions to Partners and CareGroup. The hospital had fallen prey to the same negative forces that had taken their toll on other non-affiliated hospitals in the 1990’s (Swayne, et al, 2009). Harvard Pilgrim Health Care discontinued coverage to Tufts-NEMC in 1995, citing high cost and it almost killed the place (Swayne, et al, 2009). Tufts-NEMC needed a partner to help them with their financial troubles, someone with clout against the health plan. In 1997, Tufts-NEMC and Lifespan officially announced the merger, which became effective in November of that year. The hoped for synergies between the two companies never

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