Case Study of Aplle

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Extra credit assignment The case talked about how the company’s weak point gets resolved. But eventually falls apart. Merit Corporation manufactured and sold children’s furniture. Even though merit held a dominant position in the upscale juvenile furniture market, the primary driver of its profits, Kirschner, the former CEO of Merit, believe they can do much better on new product design. In order to do that, Kirschmer decide to gather a group of people to accomplish the task. He would form a group of six to eight people with diverse and even unorthodox backgrounds to work full time on coming up with viable new product ideas. Kirschner believed if he could find the right people and give them a good deal of encouragement, the new product that the group designed will be successful The New Product Development team is formed by 8 people who are holding different degrees, and graduate from different schools. The group of people have strong fault lines and pretty diverse. This diversity are demographics, competencies, interests, working styles and values. For example, Kane and Tashman were accustomed to wearing suits to work but O’Hara always wore jeans and a tee-shirt. On the other hand Kiris like to work with music in the background but Waters and Tashman like work under a quite work environment. Because of these varieties, New Product Development team had a hard time to communicate and trust each other at first. The goal is set after the team is formed. The team pursues to develop new products, which meet the need for value-priced, durable, multipurpose children’s furniture. Kirschner provide the team a unique work space- fourth floor. He set the group apart from the rest of the organization to give them more space and more freedom. There are a variety of manifestations of a group’s culture. For instance, they group has it Norms, role and status. Pretty much very

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