Case Study Of Alice Paul's Tactics

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1. In order to gain support Alice Paul and her colleagues had to use many tactics. Alice Paul and her colleagues published their views in flyers and newspapers. They had public demonstrations, which included speeches and parades, but it was not limited to only those. Alice Paul and her colleagues were not afraid to stand up for what they believed in and did not back down no matter what the situation. She validated this statement when she and her colleagues picketed the white house at its very door steps. She continued to do so, despite some of her fellow members being jailed, until she herself was jailed. But she did not stop then, even in jail she took a stand for her beliefs and gained national recognition. By demonstrating their beliefs publically they enlightened and gained many supporters, but at the same time faced much opposition. Many people did not like the idea of change, they felt as if men should be dominant and the only voice women should have was around the house. Despite the opposition their tactics proved to be successful because in 1920 the 19th amendment was ratified and women were given the right to vote. Alice Paul and her colleagues proved to be successful because of their passive aggressive tactics. The tactics that NAWSA and Carrie Chapman Catt lacked. Alice Paul and The National Woman's party, unlike…show more content…
The picketing of Wilson was so controversial because no one had ever publically opposed President Wilson. In addition to this many citizens found it disrespectful to oppose a wartime president in the midst of war. Citizens were enraged, along with troops. They felt that at this time the war was the only fight America should be involved in, and the fight for women should not be dwelled on. Likewise in England the suffragettes themselves agreed that they should stop their use of violence in the fight for suffrage during the wartime. They supported their government and its war effort throughout the war and proved to be very vital in the

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