Case Study of a Lady Called Mary

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This is a case study of a white 70 year old widow called Mary she has experienced many predictable or unpredictable life changing events that have influenced her growth and development and these life changing events Possibility have had both a negative or positive impact on her life. Firstly Mary had a happy childhood this was an unpredictable event in her earlier years. This would have a positive influence on her life as she will have had fun and been a popular child with supporting parents that where loving and this would all help Mary become a positive successful and happy adult. A negative effect from Mary’s happy childhood could be that she may struggle and find it hard to cope with problems that arise in her life as she has never had to deal with any and find it difficult to express negative emotions. Mary got married when she was 25 years old this was a predictable event and the positive influence from a marriage is Mary will now be sharing her life with someone who cares for her as she does for him and they will love and support each other, she will have a extra pair of hands around the house, she won’t get lonely and they will always have each other to talk to and she may also get excited at the possibility of starting a family of their own as she will be financially stronger now as a couple and will make a home for a family. A few negative influences of marriage that Mary may experience are she might have to learn to compromise and make sacrifices for her family doing less as a individual. She may also develop a sense of stress because she has a lot of responsibility. Mary had two children a daughter and a son which was a predictable event. The positive influences from being a parent for Mary are she will firstly experience pregnancy and giving birth then she will be responsible for another human being and to love protect and guide her children threw

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