Case Study Module 1

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During the opening moments of this story I had no idea what to expect. The opening moments painted a dark dreary day in the deep woods. The main character, Peyton Farquhar, is on the edge of the bridge preparing to be hung. At this moment reading this I am thinking what did this man do to deserve this? Upon my continuation of reading my nerves began to take effect. I began to feel very anxious and I couldn’t help but think to myself nothing will happen to him, perhaps his friends will come to his rescue. As I kept reading I began to think to myself that there is absolutely no way that he can escape and his death is undoubtedly about to happen. As the final preparations are taking place the character begins to flashback to a place in Peyton’s past in which he saw his wife and children, this flashback makes you forget about the severity of the situation. Throughout Peyton's flashback, you can sense the beauty of nature which is bestowed to the reader. Time began to come to a standstill his mind began to think in great detail such as his hearing focusing on the watch as it ticked away his last final seconds, along with the water rushing below his feet along with the slow moving log. These small features that any other individual would ignore have become a great sense that Peyton has recognized. It was apparent that time was not on Peyton’s side he was beginning to go crazy over his last few seconds. He then gathered his composer and thought of ways to make an escape. During this time Peyton began to remember how he had got in this situation, he was basically set up by a federal scout. At that time the nightmare was coming to an end he then felt the fall come and he knew that this was then end. Every sense he had was heightened he was in pain and he then realized that he was under water. Immediately he began his underwater escape. Once he got the ropes off he

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