Case Study: Jiffy Mart Self-Defense Case

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Jiffy Mart is a chain of convenience stores located throughout several states. Many of the stores are also gas stations that are open 24/7. Luis Siqueira has worked for Jiffy Mart for the past ten years and has an excellent employment record. Although he works alone, he is inside a secure building. Customers pre-pay for gas and request goods through a service window. One night around 10:00 p.m., two men with guns jumped out of their car and demanded that Luis fill a garbage sack with money. Frightened, Luis pointed to the sign that said "No cash on hand except for $25.” Meanwhile, three customers were at the customer service area outside with the robbers. One robber demanded that Luis fill the garbage bag with cigarettes; the other demanded that the customers place their belongings in another sack. The robbers threatened to kill the customers if the silent alarm was pressed. The customers complied with the robbers. The robbers retreated with the loot. But unknown to anyone, Luis had a Concealed Carry Weapon permit (CCW) and carried a gun to work even though it was against company policy. Before the robbers could leave the parking lot, Luis exited the building with his gun and fired three times at the fleeing vehicle. The surveillance tapes captured the make and model of the vehicle, but not license number. One of the customers was interviewed and said, “sure I was concerned, but when the bullets started flying, I really became scared. Another said, "I'm going to start carrying a gun. I wish that I’d have shot them both!” An hour later, Channel 4 news reported that a person had been dumped on the steps of Community General with several gunshot wounds. Ballistics tests later confirmed the bullets were fired from Luis's gun (Leonard & Hilgert, 329). Jiffy Mart’s President and district managers met to discuss the incident and decided that Luis violated the

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