Case Study: IT-331 Technology Infrastructure

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Kaplan University Sept 7, 2012 IT-331 Technology Infrastructure Unit 10 Final Project Part A: Network Assessment The home network I have chosen to implement is a relatively simple home network, I will outline the current architecture to include the Internet Services Provider (ISP) solutions and the networking infrastructure. ISP- Internet Services Provider is currently provided by Mediacom, a broadband 20Mb down and 1Mb up service plan with digital cable. Mediacom leases their MODEM to me at a cost of 10 a month. The service comes with one public IP addresses and does not block any ports to my firewall. Total cost for this service is about $90 a month. My analysis of the deficiencies for this service is the lack up pubic IP addresses…show more content…
The speeds of Broadband fluctuate because the traffic is shared with neighbors, in addition QoS is currently not supported and upload speeds will not be able to accommodate heavy traffic. Additional public IP addresses will be required and logical separation of traffic between home internet use and traffic to and from the business network. ISP Goals- * Increase upload speeds to meet demands of user traffic to web and file servers. * Additional public IP addresses for logical separation of user traffic and business traffic. * QoS (Quality of Service) We can prioritize packets based on QoS, business traffic will take higher precedence over basic user internet traffic. Applications that depend on real time delivery of packets like video conferencing and VoIP will be prioritized. ISP…show more content…
Additional goals and short comings could include a centralized solution for Host Intrusion Prevention (HIP's) and Host Intrusion Detection (HID's). Currently I have installed the Symantec suite on every laptop, workstation and server. This method is resource intensive and consumes more resources. We could install a centralized solution that operates on a server/client relationship. A single server would be the work horse and a small "light" client would be installed on all workstations and servers. The total cost of the proposed solutions for upgrading the ISP and networking hardware would be around $1,700 for hardware and $140 a month for the internet, figure $2,000 to be on the safe side for the hardware. Our timeline for executing the proposed solution will hinge on the how fast Mediacom can upgrade our service, delivery of equipment and time required to install and configure it. Let's say it takes Mediacom two weeks to process our request for upgrades. In that time we could have the equipment ordered and delivered. This project will be completed on nights and weekends however we don't want our internet to be down during this process so we must devise an approach that will not impact traffic as much as possible with the lowest costs and administrative effort. I would

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