Case Study I-7 – Midsouth Chamber of Commerce: Cleaning Up an Information Systems Debacle

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Running head: Case Study – Midsouth Chamber of Commerce Case Study 1 – Midsouth Chamber of Commerce School of Computer & Information Sciences Chris Perry Regis University Abstract The purpose of this case study is to look at the Information Systems issue that has been plaguing The Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC) since the late 1990’s. This case study will look at the mistakes that were made throughout the implementation process of MSCC’s information systems. It will look at the contract that was set up between MSCC and the out sourced Information Technology specialist Data Management Associates (DMA). Finally this case study will discuss the current Vice President of Operations Sage Nilele and the progress that she has made since starting at MSCC, while shedding light on the performance of the two prior employees of MSCC who were in charge of implementing the information systems. Case Study – Midsouth Chamber of Commerce In any company the information system that is used is extremely important to the company’s success. This statement is especially true for the Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC). Since 1989 they have had a history of having an information system that does not work for their business and is not combatable with any future growth of the company. The company’s information systems history began in 1989 when personal workstations and a suite of software that were first introduced into the organization by Ed Wilson, the Vice President of Public Affairs. (Brown, Dehayes, Hoffer, Martin & Perkins, 2012) As the need for more computer based work stations grew at MSCC, Wilson decided to hire a consultant to review the current information system that was in place. In 1998, Nolan Vassici was hired and he implemented more workstations and updated custom software that was used by each division. In June 2003, Wilson hired a new systems

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