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MBA 5401 Ruth A SchulerBrooks Case Study I-4 Supporting Mobile Health Clinics: The Children Health Fund of New York City In 1987 Irwin Redlener, M. D. team up with songwriter Paul Simon and founded the Children Health Fund (CHF). This non-profit organization provides health care to low income or homeless children and families. CHF created the first mobile medical office on wheels known to those as the “Blue Van”. The CHF is committed to a full range of children’s and families health care and preventative care and education. Today they are the nations’ largest provider of health care services to the homeless or low income children throughout the United States. Today there are 23 programs all over the US with over 50 mobile medical units. Designing the blue van wasn’t an easy task for anyone but they designed it taking two principles at heart. First they wanted to provide a high-quality rounded pediatric care center that would provide primary care along with mental health, dental and social services. Second they want to work with and beside local medical institutions in the area. Provided this high quality care from a mobile clinic has presented some unique challenges. The technological difficulties were interesting to say the least. The satellite options seemed like a great idea but the mechanical issues created a large problem. There are several things to consider when one thinks about the infrastructure of the MMCs from the security of the patient and meeting HIPPA Guidelines. Weisman was correct in his belief about the support needed from the MMC. There appears to be a growing increase in mental health and primary care being offer in the MMCs. Is there newer more affordable network communication solution that should be tried? Let’s look at a Radio Frequency Data Identifier (RFDI) it is a microchip embedded in a
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