Case Study: Forgotten Group Member

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“The Forgotten Group Member” Case Study Group Development Reflecting on the case Christine and her group are facing many problems. The group is currently in the storming stage. According to the text the storming stage of team development is a period of high emotionality and tension among the group member. During this stage, hostility and team changes typically occur. Cliques may form as individuals compete to impose their preferences on the group and to achieve a desired position. Outside demands such as premature performance expectations may create uncomfortable pressures. During the process, membership expectations tend to be clarified and the attention shifts toward obstacles standing in the way of team goals. Individuals during this stage begin to understand each other’s interpersonal styles, and efforts are made to find a way to accomplish the team’s goals while also satisfying everyone’s needs. (book) This stage currently reflects where the group is in relation to the issues Christine is having with Mike. Christine and Mike are both experiencing some emotionality and tension toward each other. The case tells us how dedicated, meticulous and organized Christine is, but Mike who is described in the case as a clown is making it hard for the team to move forward. The group meeting several times without Mike, due to his schedule conflicting, had allowed them to form a clique, begin to understand each other’s styles, and discuss expectations and shift toward achieving their goals but the obstacle in the way, seems to be Mike. Understanding the five stages of group development would have assisted Christine immensely. This would have allowed her to see that although the team may have been facing challenges, it is normal. The pathways to team effectiveness are often complicated and challenging. She would have been able to see that in order for the group to
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