First National Bank Case Study

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First national bank Names Institution 1. What are the strengths of First National Bank? Fast national bank has a well-established system of command that ensures that all responsibilities are carried out in accordance to the set standards. They also have a team of experienced employees who are able to develop systems that are custom made to the bank allowing for data integrity and security. There is allocation of responsibility and duty making it easier to perform ones tasks. The development of information services division into an independent division gave it more power to develop systems that are free from bias and management interference. 2. What are the major weaknesses? Decision-making is more difficult due to the bureaucratic…show more content…
Was there an unnecessary duplication of work? Authorization of system research by the president in order to prepare an impact statement that is presented to the members’ priority committee that reviews the statement. The same is reviewed by the executive group, which accepts or rejects the project depending on seriousness of the interest. The priority committee has the mandate of authorizing the system research to prepare a full proposal. This may create some conflict of interest and duplication of work. Between the priority group and executive management, that performs the work of the processing management. 8. Was there an increased resistance to change? There was resistance to change from the corporate banking and consumer banking divisions who had the fear that most of their responsibilities would shift to the corporate marketing division. The users were unwilling to support the project because according to them they felt threaten by the marketing division to control the corporate database and which was likely to lead to realignment of some…show more content…
While developing a new project, it would be important to involve all the stakeholders who would be affected by the project both positively or negatively. This involvement should be from the initial stages of carrying out feasibility study preliminary system design and final implementation. There would be a need to train users of the new system on use and maintenance of the system so that they would not resist the development of new systems. The organization should develop a spirit of teamwork where the corporate customers a 10. Did the bank perform strategic planning for project management or did it simply rush into the project? The bank used the experience from Mr. Hart to develop the project but did not do adequate strategic planning and just rushed into the project. This was particularly annoying to the users who referred to the project as John’s baby and thought that they needed not contribute to the project because Hart knew what they wanted. The workers felt left out because the bank did not involve them in the planning process for the project. 11. Why do organizations rush into project management without first performing strategic planning for project management or, at least, some form of benchmarking against other

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