Case Study: Employment Law Compliance Plan

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TO: Traci Goldeman, Manager, Atwood and Allen Consulting FROM: Yvette Calderon, Market Research Assistant DATE: February 17, 2014 SUBJECT: Employment Law Compliance Plan The task to which I am assigned is to make the employment law compliance plan for Lonnie Pete. He is opening a limousine service in Austin, Texas. In the first year of the business, the number of employees the company is planning to have is 25. Employment law compliance plan would help the organization to avoid any unlawful activates. Employment laws are very much important for all type of business. The employment laws dictate and guide the employers about how they can treat their employees. Both state and federal employment law make sure that the rights of the…show more content…
In the labor force, there are almost 178 million of civilian workers in the United States. However, this figure does not include the undocumented workers (Robinson & Gilbertson, 1987). New American foundation claimed that in Texas, 9% of the workforce is undocumented, which is the third highest percentage. In the beginning, the laws had many loopholes and the organizations were not held accountable for hiring the people that fall in the category of undocumented workers. It was unlawful for them to be in the country, but was not illegal to hire these individuals until the amending of the amending section 1324. As for those who have been found guilty of knowingly hiring, recruiting, or referring Un-documented workers, the penalties are as follows: (1) first offense—not less than $250 nor more than $2000 for each illegal worker; (2) second offense—not less than $2000 nor more than $5000 for each illegal worker; (3) third and subsequent offenses—not less than $3000 nor more than $10,000 for each undocumented worker. Additionally, those employers who have engaged in a pattern of violations may be subject to imprisonment for a period of six months or…show more content…
The reason for this is that the Texas Labor Code Anti-Discrimination Provisions are parallel with the Federal Discrimination guidelines. However, there is a trend throughout cities and counties with America that allow these local municipalities to have their own ordinances. In Texas, local government can and sometimes do establish their own anti-discrimination rules. In the city of Austin, several city ordinances make it unlawful to deny access to public accommodation or discriminate in employment on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation specifically to lesbians and gays. It is also illegal to discriminate against people who are HIV-infected, people with AIDS, or those who associate with people who are infected.If companies are found to be in violation of these laws they can be held liable both locally and federally(Fox & Davenport, 2013). To a small company being sued on this level can mean the end for a small company do to the amount of fines that can be levied on this

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