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ECE 260 ASSIGNMENT # 4 ASSESSMENT Read the following Case Study of “Sam. In 2-3 pages describe what assessments might have been used to gain the information, identify what is missing from the case study, why the addition of the missing information could be helpful or necessary, what kinds of erroneous conclusions could be drawn from incomplete information, and the implications of the missing information and the erroneous conclusions. CASE STUDY (1) Sam is a 5-month-old infant seen by a public health nurse during a home visit. Sam was referred to public health nursing for home visitation after a well baby clinic visit indicated that Sam exhibits failure to thrive syndrome. He has a past medical history of weight gain consistently below the fifth percentile for his age and has a weight to height age less than 90%. Sam has recently had an extensive medical work-up to rule out an organic origin to his failure to thrive. (2) Sam lives with his teenage mother and his grandmother in a small 2-bedroom home in a rural area outside of Bangor, Maine. Sam’s mother, Rebecca, had been surprised to learn that she was pregnant with Sam. Although Sam’s father had initially expressed an interest in fatherhood, he moved out of the state shortly before Sam’s birth to start a new job. During her pregnancy and after Sam’s birth, Rebecca has continued to live at home with her mother, who works at a lumber mill twenty miles from their home. Neither Rebecca nor her mother expressed excitement about the addition of a baby to the household. Rebecca was eagerly anticipating moving out of her rural community and getting a job in another city with her boyfriend after her upcoming graduation. Rebecca’s father had left the state five years ago. His departure has left them struggling financially to pay household bills and repair costs on the house after a recent flood. Rebecca and her mother

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