Case Study: EEOC Vs. Central Freight Lines Inc

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EEOC v. CENTRAL FREIGHT LINES INC By Adam Lundy July 23, 2012 SOC/315 ANN WITHERSPOON University of Phoenix EEOC v. CENTRAL FREIGHT LINES INC ‘The Central Freight Lines Incorporated is a less-than -truckload (LTL) carrier. The company’s main focus is next- day and second – day services. CFL Inc. fleet consists “of more than 1,950 tractors and nearly 8,500 trailers from a network of about 50 terminals and provides services…show more content…
Also in more serious cases I would talk one-on-one with the troubled employee and do my part to resolve any issue he or she has had with another employee. I would also see to it that a thorough investigation is conducted Step three post informative posters about the company’s rules and regulations, and employee rights. Also set up a safety committee to help promote good health and safe work methods. Step four set up a hostile work environment hot line that would be a direct line to my office so that troubled employees being abused, harassed, and discriminated against by their fellow employees and superiors or just needs a helping hand can report what is going on directly to me the information and employee’s name disclosed to me will be keep secret in an effort to ensure the employee’s personal safety outside the workplace. Also the information obtained would give me a clear cut idea of what is going on making me more able to resolve the issue in a more orderly…show more content…
Because my belief is that the stronger the connection is in between me and my employees will assure them that I care just as much about them as I would about the numbers. This will inevitably promote more work flow and a more positive work atmosphere making any workplace drama less likely to arise. Step six set up counseling sessions for anyone who has been previously harassed, abused, discriminated against or has experienced some form of trauma that of which has somewhat hinder their work performance such as a death of someone close to him or her. No matter what the situation is these sessions are open to everyone. Steps seven remove any employee whether it is someone who working part- time, full- time or is part of the management team promoting some form of discrimination. Use of vulgar language and racial slurs will lead to immediate termination. Also premeditated attempts made by supervisors or any other part of the management team to harass and intimidate any employee will be

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