Case Study: Dr. Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.

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Case Study: Dr. Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. 1. What kinds of benefits has DPSU received from implementing an Intranet? - Some of the benefits that DPSU has received from implementing an Intranet was that employees started to use FizzBiz to register electronically for the national sales meeting and other corporate meetings or incentives. They now also have an online employee suggestion box which allowed employees to post messages in different forums. It also allowed field sales employees to input the marketing requests directly into the marketing funds system. The corporate Intranet site has also included an electronic version of Kaleidoscope newsletter and the ever-important marketing funds reimbursement application. There were also organizational charts, media releases, job postings, compensation, benefits information, industry information, cafeteria menus and company numbers. 2. What was the situation for internal communication before the introduction of an Intranet? - Before the introduction of an Intranet, there was an internal communication breakdown in DPSU. The news that was publicized through the newsletter Kaleidoscope was often out of date by the time employees read it. More urgent matters had to be communicated via voice-mail messages to each employee’s telephone extension or through email. Also with 1200 users in the mailing list, high volumes of messages resulted in clutter and chaos. The field sales employees also had to fax reimbursement requests for bottlers’ shared marketing and media expenses manually. 3. How has the productivity of the employees improved by using an Intranet? - There was an increase in the productivity level of the employees by using an Intranet as the benefits and improvements brought about has helped to aid employee productivity. It allows salespeople to get everything they need to be more effective and efficient
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