Case Study: Dorothy Dunning

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The Dilemmas of Dorothy Dunning Dorothy Dunning is the Chief Production Manager for her company and responsible for overseeing the manufacturing process. For the past year the company has had to recall products due to safety concerns and quality issues resulting in production delays. Concerned by this, Dorothy took measures to protect the company image by improving their website, making changes to the production process and increasing efficiencies. Despite her efforts, the company continues to produce defective products resulting in costly recalls. To ensure the livelihood of her company moving forward, Dorothy must get to the root of the issue that is causing these setbacks. There is no evidence that Dorothy took a scientific approach to solving her problem. It appears that she took the issues at face value and interpreted her subjective opinion as fact. In doing so she wasted company assets making improvements that had little to no positive effect on the production process. If Dorothy is going to come to a resolution based on fact rather than conjecture she will need to apply fundamental research and follow a process. My recommendation would be for Dorothy to take a step back. She may be too close to the problem to see the whole picture. She should first assemble a team of consultants to conduct the research for her. Once the team is assembled they should be instructed to to follow the seven-step process in the hypothetico-deductive method. Dorothy already knows that the broad problem area is the high number of recalls. The rest of the process will take the team through a “steb-by-step, logical, organized and rigorous method to find a solution to the problem.” (Sekaran & Bougie, 2013) By instituting this systematic process, Dorothy and her team will collect, analyze and interpret vital data that will uncover root causes
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